[Guide] Direct Restore from sv file

Last Updated: Sep 19, 2017 10:45PM CEST

NovaStor DataCenter Direct Restore

To restore directly from a backup .sv file (diskpool), launch an elevated command prompt and navigate to: C:\Program Files\NovaStor\DataCenter\Hiback>
  1. Type following command and press enter: hiback -cross *

    Direct Restore

    Note: You can type HE or HELP (case-sensitive) for a help screen at any prompt for more information about that prompt’s options.
  2. At the "Which Fileset:" prompt, enter the path and name of the save file (xxxx.SV) that you will be restoring data from and press enter:
    Example: Which Fileset: %c:\DiskPools\File.0001\17091300.SV

    Direct Restore
  3. At the "Function" prompt use co to configure Hiback: Function . . : co

    Direct Restore
  4. At the "select config:" prompt, type the restore destination and press enter.
    Example: select config: dst=c:\james\restore

    Direct Restore
  5. At the "Function" prompt type "re" (restore).                 Example: Function . . : re
    At the "Device" prompt type "CWD" and press enter.    Example: Device . . . : cwd

    Direct Restore
  6. Enter an asterisk (*) at the "Which Files:" prompt to select all files in the directory.
         Example: Which files: *
    Enter "Y" at the "Keep Old Files (y/n):" prompt.
         Example: keep old files (y/n): y

    Direct Restore
  7. When the process completes you will see the summary of the restore job:

    Direct Restore
Note: The progress will be displayed in the Title bar of the command prompt window.
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