[Manual] Encrypt Backup Data

Last Updated: Sep 18, 2017 11:42PM CEST

Encrypt Backup Data


By default, there is no encryption applied on the backup data.
Nevertheless, there is an encryption option you can use if you need to encrypt the backup data before sending it.
There is an option available to encrypt the connection only, please see: “Configuration Manager – Security”


Here is the description of the Hiback software encryption

Edit the CONDEV
  • The encryption key must be defined before activating the “Hiback software encryption” backup job option
  • In the clients CONDEV (installdir\Hiback\CONDEV). Edit in a text editor and add the following entries:
&cryptdir:                   The directory where the key file resides.
&cryptkey:                  The name of the key file residing in cryptdir.
&cryptdir: C:\temp
&cryptkey: key.bin
defines the key file C:\temp\key.bin.

The key file must be at least 32 KiB of size and can be created using the tool
C:\Program Files\NovaStor\DataCenter\Hiback\rangen.exe

rangen.exe takes 2 integer values in the range between 1 and 30081.
The values are taken as “seed” values for the creation of key file filled with random data of size 32 KiB.
cd C:\Program Files\NovaStor\DataCenter\Hiback
rangen.exe 5 6367 C:\temp\key.bin

Creates the named file and fills it with random data which can be re-created identically on basis of the 2 seed values 5 and 6367 at any time with identical content.
Note: Instead of a rangen generated file any file of at least 32 KiB size can be used as key file.
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