[Manual] Storage - Partitioning the library

Last Updated: Sep 18, 2017 11:56PM CEST

Media Management - Storage Management

Partitioning the library



It is possible to manage various media (LTO2, LT03, etc.) in a single library. A library might for example consists of multiple LTO drives.
A library partition contains an ordered list of drives. All drives of a library partition must of the same media type (e.g. LTO-4).
When a library is for the first time added to a backup server, the system automatically generates a default library partition. This partition contains all drives in the library.
For large libraries or libraries that include drives of different types, it is possible to set up multiple partitions.

Proceed as follows:

1. Go to Media Management > Storage Management.
⇨ The Storage Management window is opened.
b)	Klicken Sie unter Backup Servers auf den gewünschten Backup Server und klappen Sie den Baum von Libraries bis Library partitions auf. (ir5ivsu1.png)
2. Under the backup servers, select the desired backup server and open the tree of the library to Library partitions.
3. In the shortcut menu, click Add partition.
⇨	Das Dialogfenster Library partitions editor wird geöffnet. (i64d4e41.png)
⇨ The Library partition editor dialog is opened.
d)	Geben Sie den Namen der Partition ein und wählen Sie den Media typ (z.B. LTO4) aus. (ih6f6gh2.jpg)
4. Enter the name of the partition and select the media type (e.g. LTO4).
5. Select the available drives (e.g. drive 3 and 4) for the partition from the available drives.
6. Confirm with [OK].
⇨ An additional partition for Media type LTO4 with drives 3 and 4 is added to the library.


An additional partition is added.
Grafik aus Partitionierung der Library (iqf4cof.png)
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