[Manual] Automation - Scheduling

Last Updated: Sep 22, 2017 12:17AM CEST

Creating Schedules:

  1. Click on "Scheduling" in the left column and then right click in the Schedule-Name window and selecting "New Schedule":
    Disk Pool Maintenance

  3. Type the name of schedule in the "Name" field and then click on the "plus" icon to create an algorithm:

    Disk Pool Maintenance

  4. Configure the algorithm to meet your scheduling needs and click "OK":

    Disk Pool Maintenance

  5. The newly created algorithm will appear in the "Algorithms:" window:

    Disk Pool Maintenance

  6. You may edit the algorithm of a schedule by clicking on the edit icon as shown below:

    Disk Pool Maintenance
    The edit Algorithm window will appear, double-click the time to modify the value:

    Disk Pool Maintenance

  8. Click "OK" to save the changes:

    Disk Pool Maintenance 


Creating a Schedule in a backup job:

You can also create a new schedule, or edit an existing schedule, from the "Target/Schedule" tab of a backup job configuration:
  1. From a new or existing backup job, click on the "Target/Schedule" tab and then click on the drop down menu for the "Schedule" field:

    Disk Pool Maintenance
    Use the graphical interface to view the characteristics of each schedule:

    Disk Pool Maintenance
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