[Manual] VMware Replication

Last Updated: Sep 18, 2017 11:33PM CEST

Backup/Restore - VMware Replication


General description

The VMware Replication function allows you to create a copy of a virtual machine. This copy can be saved on the same host or on a different host.

Opening dialog

1. Go to Backup/Restore > Backup Jobs.
⇨ The Job Management window is opened.
2. Right-click the white field.
3. In the Backup Jobs section, select > New > Single Job > VMware in the shortcut menu. Replication.
⇨ The dialog for the definition of the backup job (Job tab) is displayed.
Grafik aus 'VMware Replication' (VMware Replication_Job.jpg)

Defining job

On the Job tab, enter the job name, and select the proxy, the virtual machine and the target host for the replication.

Job description panel

Job name
Text field for job name.
Combo box: All defined VMware proxies are listed for selection.
Source VM
List of virtual machine to be copied, for selection.
Target Host
List of target hosts for selection.
Target VM name
Name of VM copy on target host.
If the source host is identical with the target host, the target name must differ from the source name.
Memory slot for the virtual machine.
Snapshots to keep
Number of snapshots/backups to be kept for the virtual machine.


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