[Manual] VMware Backup

Last Updated: Sep 18, 2017 11:33PM CEST

Backup/Restore - VMware Backup


General description

The VMware backup function is used to back up virtual machines.


Before you can define a VMware backup job, you must set up the VMware proxy under System > Nodes Management (see Setting up a VMware proxy).
The NovaBackup DataCenter software detects automatically whether the system contains a fully configured proxy or not. In the System > Nodes Management dialog, the VM Proxy attribute is displayed accordingly (Yes/No).

Opening dialog

1. Go to Backup/Restore > Backup Jobs.
⇨ The Job Management window is opened.
2. In the Backup Jobs section, select > New > Single Job > VMware in the shortcut menu.
⇨ The dialog for the definition of the backup job (Job tab) is displayed.

Defining job

On the Job tab, enter the job name, and select the node, the server, the virtual machine and the backup scheme for the job.
Grafik aus 'Vmware Backups' (Edite VmWare job_9.jpg)

Job description panel

Job name
Text field for job name.
Combo box: All defined VMware proxies are listed for selection.
This section shows all virtual machines selected for the backup job.
Grafik aus 'Vmware Backups' (i3ot1vb3.jpg)
Opens a dialog for the selection of the servers and the virtual machines to be backed up. In this dialog, you can also select the backup type. All virtual machines on the system are listed.
Grafik aus 'Vmware Backups' (VMWare Selection.jpg)
Backup type: Select whether all virtual machines, only active machines, only inactive machines or customer-specific virtual machines are to be backed up.
All VMs
All VMs found on the server are backed up.
All Active VMs
All active VMs are backed up.
All Inactive VMs
All inactive VMs are backed up.
Custom VMs
Only the active customer VMs are backed up.
[Recreate inventory]
Resets the selection.
Grafik aus 'Vmware Backups' (ivqnrcj1.jpg)Grafik aus 'Vmware Backups' (i4rtlb91.jpg)
Sorts the list. The sequence of the VMs in the list corresponds to the sequence in which they are processed as backup jobs.
Grafik aus 'Vmware Backups' (inlu0043.jpg)
Reverses the selection made in the VM(s)/Host(s) window.
Backup Scheme panel
All data to be backed up are saved in full.
All files that has been modified or first saved since the last full backup are saved.
Only the files that have been modified or first saved since the last backup are saved (incremental or in full).


See Also Backup/Restore - Defining Target/Schedule  


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