[Manual] E-mail Notification messages

Last Updated: Sep 18, 2017 11:42PM CEST

E-mail Notification Messages


You wish to be informed by e-mail the moment a warning or a message regarding an error that occurred during a backup job is generated.


Proceed as follows:

Select messages

1. In the menu bar, click (ige0qjt2.jpg)Configuration.
⇨ The Configuration dialog showing the Dashboard tab is opened. Select the messages (Messages) you wish to display on the dashboard, and also select whether they are to trigger notification by e-mail to a specific e-mail address.
2. To display a message on the dashboard, select Show ✔ and then select the time period for which the message is to be displayed.
3. To opt for notification by e-mail, select E-Mail notification ✔, for example for Error messages:
Info Messages
General information regarding the progress of the backup job.
Warning Messages   
Warnings regarding the progress of the backup job.
Error messages
Message indicating that an error occurred in the backup job.
1. Save the settings by clicking [Save].
⇨ The type of messages displayed on the dashboard, the time for which they are displayed and the settings for notifications by e-mail are now defined.
These settings apply to all jobs.
If you have opted for notification by e-mail, you must now enter a valid e-mail address to which these notifications are to be sent.

Entering e-mail address

The e-mail address is user-specific.
1. Go to System > User Management.
2. If you have not already set up a user account, enter a user name and a password and activate the new user settings.
3. Click [Edit] in Groups to assign the user to a group:
4. In the Additional section, click the Email input field and enter the e-mail address to which the messages and reports are to be sent.
5. Save the settings by clicking [OK].


If one of the configured message types occurs during a backup job, you will be notified with a message to the entered e-mail address.

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