VSS provider selection

Last Updated: Feb 16, 2015 10:42AM CET
Hyper-V, Exchange and file system backups on Windows use VSS to create a snapshot of the application or volume. The process call chain in such a case is

-> Hiback\vss\vssdba.exe
-> VSS Service
-> VSS Writer for Exchange/Hyper-V/Volume
-> VSS Provider

The provider type priority is defined by Microsoft is

1. Hardware provider (for example DELL or HP)
2. Software provider (for example Acronis)
3. Microsoft System Provider

Hardare suppliers like DELL or HP supply their own VSS provider which is always used if installed.
The configuration of the providers is crucial for a proper functionality is cost intensive and in many cases undone.
This leads to many problems with respect to the backup of Hyper-V, Exchange or file systems.


In order to choose the Microsoft System Provider in any case, use the configuration file
installdir\Hiback\vss\vssdba.ini and add the line
This will ensure that backups will always use the Microsoft System Provider instead of 3rd party hardware or software providers.

If the file vssdba.ini does not exist, create it.

After that configuration, restart the respective Exchange, Hyper-V or file system backup.

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