Location of listfile directory

Last Updated: Sep 22, 2014 02:28PM CEST
One Hiback listfile is created during each backup process on the client.
A listfile contains the directory structure of the files backed up and may get large and thus consume a lot of disk space on the client.
The listfile will be created in a location which is parameterized in the Hiback configuration file CONDEV which is located directly in the Hiback installation directory.

In order to prevent the client filesystem from filling up, the listfile location can be changed to a remote location.
The pre-requisite is that this location can be addressed by UNC path or driveletter.

Edit the file Hiback\CONDEV on the client.
Set the &listdir parameter to the desired path.
The example demonstrates how to set it to a NAS device addressable be UNC path:
#NBK_DC: Keywords
&listdir: \\diskstation\share\arno\NovaStor\DataCenter\Hiback\list

Test the functionality by starting a test backup on that client.
Check if the listfile has been created in the new &listdir.

Alll istfiles will be created on the parametrized location from the moment you change the &listdir entry.
In order to make the old listfiles accessible, we recommend to copy or move them from the former listfile location (in most cases this is Hiback\list) to the new listfile location.

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