Multiplexer Parameter

Last Updated: Jul 18, 2014 09:04AM CEST
This article is valid for Windows Backup Server.

The name of the multiplexer config file is

It contains parameter settings for the multiplexer service.
Useful parameter settings are

split: 2
maxmem: 256
maxfile: 2048
pipe-size: 23040

The meaning of the distinct parameters are

split: size of a single memory segment in MegaByte
maxmem: maximum size of the usable multiplexer memory in MegaByte
maxfile: maximum size of the usable multiplexer disk space in MegaByte
pipe-size: size of the message queue in Byte

pipe-size depends on the other 3 parameters:

pipe-size = ((maxmem+maxfile)/split) * 20

This dependancy has to be taken into account if the parameters split, maxmem or maxfile are changed and pipe-size has to be adjusted accordingly.
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