​Speedup VMware LAN backup

Last Updated: Mar 24, 2015 02:23PM CET
Speedup VMware LAN backup
NovaBACKUP DataCenter
Last Updated: Aug 28, 2013 10:31AM PDT
The option VMTRANSPORTMODES determines which transport mode is probed first. Valid transport modes are
san (the VMware proxy must have access to VmStorage via SAN)
hotadd (the VMware proxy must run on a VM on the respective host)
nbd (LAN backup)
nbdssl (LAN backup using SSL)
The default precedence is san:hotadd:nbdssl:nbd, so that LAN backup is made using SSL transfer. You can change the precedence by adding the following line to install_home\Hiback\vmware\"hostname".ini (where "hostname" is the name of the respective VCenter or ESX host the settg should work on):
Using this setting LAN mode takes precedence over LAN/SSL mode and you will see following line in the backup log file:
Info: Using transport mode: nbd
Note: this setting has a limited lifetime. The lifetime ends when GUI->NodesManager->Edit[VmWare Proxy] is quit with [OK]. In this case, the install_home\Hiback\vmware\"hostname".ini files will be overwritten with their default content, that is without VMTRANSPORTMODES setting.
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