Updating from version 4.5 to 4.7

Last Updated: Mar 24, 2015 02:07PM CET
Updating from version 4.5 to 4.7
NovaBACKUP DataCenter

The download location for the Windows Commandserver installer is:
Before you begin:
Before you run the installer you need to kill the Command Server process listening on port base+4 (eg base=32325 plus 4 equals to 32329).
From windows command line type “netstat –ano | findstr 32329” to find the PID and then use Windows Task Manager to kill the process group/family of this PID.
You have to do this in beforehand, if you update from v4.5 or v4.7.x to v4.7
Run the setup install on top of your present installation.
Afterwards, Start the GUI (ixt_cman.exe). The welcome screen will come in red. Click "Continue and login as user "setup" and click on the little triangle pointing to the right to open the next panel. When asked for user/password login with user setup (password is setup) and click on the little triangle pointing to the right to skip through the panels.
On the last screen you will see "database update information" and the last line shows "Database model update finished successfully". The Command Server update is then finished.
Agents in turn can be updated from the nodes manager.   You can go into the properties of each node and specify what jar file to be pushed to the end client.   This will update a client to the latest version.

In order to perform a massive push to upgrade all agents simultaneously, you can use the "Software Distribution" tab to generate a list of all of your nodes.   Then you may select all of them and press the "Update" button in the bottom right corner.  This will take some time but will automatically push out the latest agent to each node.
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