​Restoring Exchange, SQL, VMware

Last Updated: Apr 08, 2015 12:01PM CEST
Restoring Exchange, SQL, VMware
NovaBACKUP DataCenter
Last Updated: Nov 05, 2013 05:08AM PST
Exchange 2003/2007/2010, SQL 2005/2008 and VM 4.0/4.1/5.0 backups are so-called DBA backups.
This means the description of an item to back up (a database, a storage group or a vm) is enclosed in a DBA file, which describes the item (name, server, backup type).
You can combine several DBA files in a fileset of a NovaBackup DataCenter backup job.
At DBA restore time, DataCenter needs to know 3 things:
1. That the restore type is DBA (GUI->Restore->Filelevel->Options->RestoreType->[Check]DBA)
2. That the restore option is overwrite (GUI->Restore->Filelevel->Options->GeneralOptions->[Check]Overwrite)
3. The name of the DBA file used for the backup (GUI->Restore->Filelevel->Options->Fileset->DBAFile+Path)
Here is a quick overview on how to do the restores.
GUI->Restore->File Level->select node(the sql/exchange/vmproxy machine)->select backup->[options=overwrite+dba]+[fileset=dba file incl path on sql/exchange/vmproxy machine]->start
You can find the DBA file name that was used to during the backup and its path in GUI->Reporting->JobStatus.
Mark the backup you want to restore in the File Level restore page.
In the "Fileset Definition" box you see all the DBA filenames and paths of this backup job.
Select the one you need, use CTRL-C to copy the name and CTRL-V to paste it into the restore window "Fileset" box.
The procedure above describes the restore into the original location (SQL: original mdf/ldf file, Exchange: original storage group, VM: original ESX storage location).
If you want to restore to a different location:
Exchange 2003/2007: before doing the DataCenter restore, create recovery storage group like described in http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa998782.aspx, and do the restore as normal above and it will restore to the recovery group.

Exchange 2010: refer to http://www.novastor.com/pdf/support/NovaBACKUP_DC_SQL_BR.pdf

SQL 2005/2008: refer to chapter "Cross Recovery" in http://www.novastor.com/pdf/support/NovaBACKUP_DC_SQL_BR.pdf.
It describes how to change the DBA file in order to create MDF and LDF files in a different location.
VM 4.0/4.1/5.0: the default behavior is that the virtual machine is not overwritten when it is existing with the same name.
Instead the name of the restored machine is extended by a timestamp, so that both, the originally existing and the restored machine appear.
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