NovaBACKUP® DataCenter Support Portal


- DataCenter 5.2.3 is now available!

- Webinar on "Exchange Backup" on 20.05.2014, 2pm (CET)

Q: Which data transfer types are supported by NovaBACKUP DataCenter?


Currently supported types are:
D2D (disk to disk), D2T (disk to tape), D2D2D (disk to disk with clone to disk) and D2D2T (disk to disk with clone to tape).

Q: Which kind of tape libraries are supported by NovaBACKUP DataCenter?


Supported are all kinds of physical and virtual tape libraries attached by SCSI or SAN.

The only requirement is that the tape library device driver must understand SCSI2/3 commands.

Q: Which types of tapedrives are supported by NovaBACKUP DataCenter?


Supported are all kinds of LTO (HP, IBM, Quantum), IBM TS drives, SUN T10K drives attached via SATA, SCSI and SAN.

Q: Which kind of disk devices are supported as backup source and backup target?


Supported are all kinds of direct attached (IDE, SATA, USB, SCSI) disks, NAS and SAN attached disks or disk RAID arrays.

Q: Can I use a separate LAN interface for my backups?


Yes, certainly. By defining an alias (the Name or IP to be used) for the backup server, you can use that alias in the backup job definition.

Q: Can you recover single files from VM backups?


Yes, as of version 5.2 you can recover single files directly from a VMware VM backup. Prerequisites for this are valid VMware backup made to a GIR (Granualr Item Recovery) pool. The single file restore doesn't work for Hyper-V yet, though this is destined to be available soon. You can however restore the Hyper-V VM backup to an alternate location, then mount the restored vhd(x) disk to be browsed for file(s) needed.

Q: What is a GIR pool and what is the difference to a disk pool?


GIR pools are solely for VM backups. GIR pools maintain their own backup generations and schemes.
Regular disk pools on the other hand can contain any type of backup and are totally content- and scheme-unaware when it comes to maintaining their retention times.

You can backup VMs to GIR and regular disk pools, but you can backup files and other backup types only to regular disk pools.

Q: Can you recover single MS-Exchange items like mails or mailboxes?


Yes, for MS-Exchange 2010 and above we support single mail recovery with a single mail item recovery agent.

Q: Can I run a NovaBACKUP DataCenter graphical user interface (GUI) standalone?


Yes. Use the GUI installer executable to install the GUI component. The GUI runs on any supported platform without any other requirements.
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